Schuur’03 forced to flee Madagascar

After a military coup de-stabilized the African country of Madagascar, alumna Kelly Schuur ’03, who has been working in the country’s Peace Corps, evacuated her station and is now one of the three selected from a group of 48 reassigned to continue her service in the city of Mali, West Africa.

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BBC interviews Sacha ’10

Sacha ’10 met with her heroes Wendy and Ryan Kramer and joined a group of donor-conceived kids and their mothers in an interview with BBC Radio 4 for a program to be aired in April titled, “Who is my half brother?”

Slagle Bagle: Sweet sugary goodness of old-style crisps

The bummer about winter is that most fruits are not in season – except, that is, for apples. Crisps can be made with most stone fruits, but the smell that permeates through the house when baking an apple crisp is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before.

New college counselor Michael Heeter visits school, meets juniors

Michael Heeter, the new co-director of college counseling who will begin his employment on July 1, visited campus from March 16 to 26 to meet with his students. Co-director of college counseling Monica DePriest said she has known Heeter for approximately 15 years. They worked together at Vanderbilt University.

Poetry at Senior Center

Three girls from the poetry club joined with four members of Edu~tainment for Seniors (EFS) to visit the residents at St. John of God retirement home.

Race in the Election

Setting aside your political beliefs and however you may feel about the outcome of this election, when you look at it from a diversity standpoint,…