Ninth Grader Takes Second in Shakespeare

The English-Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare Competition saw a bevy of monologues from Marlborough’s upper and middle school thespians alike: for the first time in the competition’s recent history, ninth graders were allowed to participate.

Summer programs don’t help students get into college

Wondering what to do this summer, I shuffled through brochure after brochure of programs. I skipped over the first couple, which boasted glossy pictures of abnormally happy teens riding camels and hiking up mountains. The next few sported headlines such as “Generation Leadership” and “Push your Boundaries.”

Painted Turtle Art Fundraiser

After visiting the Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with long-term illnesses, Carter ’10 decided to organize an arts-inspired fundraiser for the camp on March 3.

Does mainstream music feign reality in midst of economic crisis?

The economy has deeply affected the daily lives of Americans, and citizens from businessman to firemen are altering their lifestyles for a new job, a new bike, or a new homemade dinner recipe to cook in the household. Small businesses and big corporations are both overwrought with debt and struggling to create new gimmicks to increase the flow of money.

Crime on campus: leaf-print tarp stolen

Students got a closer look at construction than usual in February, when someone cut away a nine foot section of the leaf-print tarp covering the chain link fence around the construction site near the Rossmore Avenue entrance of school.