Varsity Swimmer Profile: Erica

Erica normally swims six days a week with the team, in addition to a few club practices after as well. She has already broken a couple of relay records and hopes to break some individual records as well.

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Senior-seventh grade bonding is not too bad. Moans of agony echo throughout the living room. Bodies cower on the gargantuan beanbag and cushioned chairs, and as the door swings open, seniors grimace and wince like they’re vampires seeing daylight. “Seven-twelve buddy activities! Come onto the field!” We succumb.

Carlyle Runs at Simplot

Varsity track runner Carlyle ’09 competed in the Simplot Games, a national indoor track event in Idaho, in February. Going against the top track athletes…

Test calendars – do students actually use them?

To me, the test calendar seems like a myth. I am always told, look at the test calendar to find conflicts during crunch week or given the famous phrase from various teachers “you should be prepared; I put it on the test calendar.” But actually finding it and effectively using it is the real challenge.

Ninth Grader Takes Second in Shakespeare

The English-Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare Competition saw a bevy of monologues from Marlborough’s upper and middle school thespians alike: for the first time in the competition’s recent history, ninth graders were allowed to participate.