On Point

The Unattainable Trifecta: School Work, Sleep, Social Life

Throughout our cumulative years at Marlborough School, all of us students search for the unattainable balance between school work, sleep and social activity. It is impossible to maintain all three.We at the UltraViolet believe that a Marlborough student can fully excel at two of the choices, like school work and sleep or school work and social activity. We believe that school work clearly cannot be ignored, but we must keep in mind what falls to the wayside when trying to study for three tests at once.

On Point: Should Prostitution be Legalized?

Ari ’14: Banning prostitution will not put an end to prostituion, but the legal system should be changed to prevent further harm.
Sonia ’14: Prostitution cannot be legalized if the US wishes to terminate human trafficking and abolish the exploitation of women.