Volleyball brings the heat

Marlborough’s Varsity Volleyball team, which moved down to the Sunshine League this season, lost to Bishop High School playing in the California Interscholastic Federation regional playoffs in San Diego on Thursday, Nov. 17.

School changes admissions process

Director of Enrollment Management Jeanette Woo Chitjian and Associate Director of Admissions Christine Thornton changed the format of the Marlborough application process for prospective Middle School students.

Entrepreneurship class creates Rubies + Diamonds drinks

Marlborough’s new entrepreneurship class is getting some real hands-on experience this quarter. The class is working with Sunset Boulevard’s premiere coffee and tea company Rubies + Diamonds to come up with proposals for a “summer drink” that will debut this summer as part of their new offerings.

Sylvia ’19 invents water filter straw

Sylvia Garrett ’19 received a patent for a water purification device she designed the summer after 8th Grade. She invented a straw that uses an extensive filtration system, including an iodine treatment sieve and an ultraviolet light, to kill all of the microorganisms and bacteria living in contaminated water.

A work life balancing act

Education Council created the Work Life Balance Committee, a new group that aims to analyze and reduce Marlborough students’ stress and increase the quality of students’ sleep.

Violets’ Giving Circle plans fashion show

The Violets’ Giving Circle (VGC) this fall introduced a new advisor to the committee, Amanda Lovrien ’95, and established a new Associate Board consisting of six juniors to increase the organization of old archives.