Agent Atwell

From the rumors of her being a CIA agent to her being a Russian spy, her students make their own hypotheses about Ms. Atwell’s true identity. In reality, Ms. Atwell’s upbringing and her independence of character sparked her worldliness and language skills.

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Q&A with Cathy Atwell

History and social sciences instructor Cathy Atwell is participating in graduate program at the USC Rossier School of Education. She explained that this program is…

Q&A with Kate Grace

by Car ’17 Why did you start running? I played soccer, and I was a varsity player in 9th grade, so they recommended that I…

Do marlborough girls protest?

By Rachel ’19, Maggie ’18 and Emily ’17 Since the Boston Tea Party, America’s first well-known protest, public demonstrations have played an integral role in our country’s…

Marlborough addresses emotional health

Marlborough girls know this scene well: the student body rushes out of an All-School Meeting amid the sounds of seniors worrying about college, juniors worrying about APs, sophomores worrying about becoming juniors, and so on down to seventh graders worrying about their math test.