Homelessness in LA

The Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty states on any given night, 82,000 people in Los Angeles, which is 1 in 217 people, are homeless. Homelessness is an especially relevant topic in Los Angeles, given the fact that according to a 2016 report from The Los Angeles Times, two thirds of all homeless people in the United States live in Los Angeles.

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Mind the Gap

UV staff looks at economic, logistical and beneficial aspects of gap years.

Agent Atwell

From the rumors of her being a CIA agent to her being a Russian spy, her students make their own hypotheses about Ms. Atwell’s true identity. In reality, Ms. Atwell’s upbringing and her independence of character sparked her worldliness and language skills.

Q&A with Cathy Atwell

History and social sciences instructor Cathy Atwell is participating in graduate program at the USC Rossier School of Education. She explained that this program is…

Q&A with Kate Grace

by Car ’17 Why did you start running? I played soccer, and I was a varsity player in 9th grade, so they recommended that I…