Ukrainian President Flees Kiev Amid Raging Riots

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have filled the streets of Kiev, Ukraine since Nov. 21, when President Viktor Yanukovych announced his refusal to sign a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) and instead decided to accept a bailout from neighboring Russia.

Don’t Judge Me: I Want To Be An Artist

You want to be an artist, you say? Well, don’t prepare for a life of hardship and scrounging for smudged coins. Prepare for the people around you to remind you how hard your life will be and how useless it will be for the good of society.

LGBT Marriage May Not Be the Key to Equality

The Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, which prohibited federal recognition of same-gender marriages and made same-gender marriages illegal in California, respectively, were overturned by the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2013. Sounds like an accepting world, right? Actually, not really.

Violence Erupts in Central African Republic

On Dec. 5, violence erupted in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Re- public, between the Muslim coalition Seleka, currently in control of the country, and Christian militias attempting to gain territory and wreak revenge following Seleka’s March 2013 coup.