A Family of Taker-Outers

You could define my family by what we don’t do: We don’t designate chores, we haven’t documented anything since the decline of VHS tapes and, most of all, we don’t cook. None of us.

Meals on Wheels

Over the past decade, Los Angeles has seen the rise and fall of popular food trends such as elegant cupcakes, self-serve frozen yogurt, freshly ground kale juices and pumpkin-spice everything.

Cam’s Tips on Eating Well and Spotting Celebs

Living in L.A., we’re bound to run into a few celebs here and there. But if anyone is like me—a true lover of high-fashion models, a-list actors, top-charting music artists and good food—you’ll want to continue reading. Here is a list of the top five restaurants at which one is most likely to see a celeb.

Peanuts, Dairy and Gluten, Oh My!

The number of teens who accumulate allergies, as opposed to being born with them, is on the rise. These seven foods that are listed below are responsible for 90% of the allergic reactions seen in teens, according to Kids With Food Allergies.