Wal-Mart promises local food

On Thursday, Jan. 20, Wal-Mart, America’s largest grocery chain, launched a five-year Nutrition Charter that focuses on sustainable agriculture among its suppliers to provide consumers with healthier food options and to lower the cost of nutritious meals.

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Starbucks, Romance, Alcohol Don’t Mix

For us grumpy seniors who are up until all hours of the night (and dare I say, for the teachers too), a cup of coffee can be the only thing capable of keeping our eyelids opened and our brains semi-clear throughout the day.

Airport Food…JOY

If you’re looking for a dining experience like no other, I highly suggest you book a flight out of the Minnesota airport during a wind storm.

Baked Apples…yum

As the weather grows colder and damper, and we enter those chilly months known as fall and winter, mugs of hot chocolate and apple cider begin to appear in students’ hands around the school.

The Kogi Truck was a success

Considering the line nearly stretched the length of the field, the Kogi truck was definitely a hit with Marlborough students and faculty yesterday.

Kogi Truck is Coming

As Marlborough girls, we’re pretty big on three things: getting good grades, going to a good college, and eating…a lot.