Articles by Tahirah '12

Summer School Students Say the Darndest Things!

“During Summer School last year, I worked as a teacher’s aid, and one of my students loved to make fun of my outfits,” Millicent ’12 said. “On one particular day, he looked me up and down and said, ‘I have on a monogrammed ascot; what are you wearing?’”

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Brentwood hosts women’s conference

On Saturday, Feb. 4, seven Marl­borough students, Community Out­reach Coordinator Miranda Payne and English instructor Sarah Wolf attended the “It’s Our Turn” confer­ence at Brentwood School, which fea­tured female celebrities and leaders who led panels to help young women learn about how to become or grow as leaders in their communities.

Authors in the ARC

Author Aimee Bender will visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) on Friday, Jan. 13 during lunch to discuss her writing process and read from her newest novel and fourth book, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

Faculty on facebook

Six members of faculty and staff fil­tered into the PC Lab in the ARC (Aca­demic Resource Center) at the beginning of lunch.

College Tour Revised

“I really liked the sheets in New York,” Miriam ’12 said, re­calling her memories of College Tour, an optional, annual week-long trip for sophomores and…