Articles by Elyse '12

Service revisited

Although community service re­mains a constant at Marlborough, projects that dominate one year do not always follow through to the next, leaving some students curious about what became of the communities we’ve helped and whether our efforts made any difference.

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Feminist film sparks media discussion

As a clip of Gossip Girl’s protago­nist Serena Van der Woodsen seduc­tively eating a strawberry flashed on the screen in Caswell Hall, a burst of laughter emanated from the crowd. Students murmured in disgust and subsiding horror when a shot of Tod­dlers in Tiaras appeared.

Pattie preaches privacy

Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, Inc. and mother of Marissa’16, spoke to the Parents’ Association (PA) on Nov. 15, 2011 about Internet safety for teens.

CYC crew abandons ship

Crew coach Nick Harding left CYC (California Yacht Club), a private clubhouse in Marina del Rey, to accept a coaching offer in Denver this past June, initiating a domino effect as five rowers, four of whom attend Marlborough, left the club to join its perennial rival, MAC (Marina Aquatic Center).

Nailed It

Seventh and eighth graders use hammers to pound nails with precision and strength while performing arts in­structor Doug Lowry breaks slabs of wood in two with his knee.

Gymnastics Returns

Kimi ’13 tumbles into a back handspring, arching her back towards the looming mats below.

Cum laude: with or without praise

It’s a sunny spring day in March and girls have returned to school rejuvenated from spring break, only to stumble into what seems like a typical All-School Meeting but is actually the one where pride is crushed under embarrassment and dreams may or may not be shattered: the cum laude assembly.