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On Point: Are Trigger Warnings Harmful or Helpful?

Pilar ’15: Lately, trigger warnings have gone too far.
Morgan ’15: Trigger warnings, also known as “activation warnings” or “stress warnings,” have recently come under fire for being overused or inappropriately used.

On Point: Should Marlborough Publicly Recognize 9/11?

Morgan ’15: The School should allow students and faculty to reflect on 9/11 independently and keep the day from becoming a holiday.
Pilar ’15: The School should publicly recognize 9/11 and what it means not only for our country as a whole, but also for the Marlborough community.

Letter to the Editor

As the dismally depicted parents of Lilia ’15, we would like to set the record straight with regards to some factual inaccuracies in her piece, “The Harmful Effects of Parent-noia,” found in the April 16 issue of the UltraViolet.