Articles by Claudia '15

Oklahoma Restricts APUSH Curriculum

On Monday, Feb. 16, Oklahoma state legislators voted to cut funding for Advanced Placement U.S. History, claiming that the class emphasizes, “what is bad about America” and fails to teach “American exceptionalism,” according to Tulsa World.

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Hard Liquor, Hard Consequences at Ivies

Binge drinking on college campuses may look like fun on Snapchat’s “Game day” live streams and on the “I’m Shmacked” YouTube channel: girls wearing shorts and bikini tops in their school colors while boys shout and grunt, spraying beer everywhere.

Attack on Parisian Magazine Sparks Protests

On the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, the Parisian satire magazine Charlie Hebdo suffered what some historians have said is the deadliest terror attack France has experienced since the Vitry-Le-François train station bombing in 1961.

Terror Tweeting

On Apr. 13, 2014, a fourteen-year-old girl in Holland named Sarah sent a supposedly joking tweet to the American Airlines Twitter account that read: “@AmericanAir hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan.