Articles by Allie Kim

Elijah Pathfinder talks about homelessness in LA

Elijah Pathfinder was homeless for 20-30 years before securing housing the Section 8 program, which authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords. It is a federal assistance intended for very low-income families, the disabled and the elderly. Under the program, a family receives a voucher from the government for 70 percent of the monthly rent. Before moving to Los Angeles, Pathfinder lived in San Diego.

Ribeiro pools his weight

With the completion of the new Caldwell Pool, physical education instructor Flavio Ribeiro has taken up the role as pool manager and hopes to instill a sense of community use the pool.

Violets’ Giving Circle plans fashion show

The Violets’ Giving Circle (VGC) this fall introduced a new advisor to the committee, Amanda Lovrien ’95, and established a new Associate Board consisting of six juniors to increase the organization of old archives.