The UltraViolet accepts advertising for both its print and online versions. We welcome a wide range  of advertisers, from test prep services to fashion boutiques. We do, however, avoid running advertisements for services or products that make adolescents feel uncomfortable. We judge the propriety of each unique advertisement individually, but here are some of our guidelines:

  • No graphic dermatology ads.
  • No weight loss ads. (Gyms and personal trainers not included.)
  • No ads that promote religion. (We will consider ads for educational or community service opportunities offered by organizations affiliated with a religion.)
  • No ads promoting alcohol consumption.
  • No ads promoting a political agenda.

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Interested in Advertising with us? Email our business manager, Lauren at, advertising coordinator, or our advisor, Jena English at

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  1. Just called from Geek Teknologies. We are very interested. Thanks you!

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