Marlborough students sell Girl Scout Cookies on campus


Ellie 20 sells Girl Scout Cookies on campus.

It’s an average lunch period at Marlborough, and Izzi ’22 is carefully depositing two loaded cardboard boxes at her usual spot, only to be overwhelmed with a flurry of requests for, you guessed it: Girl Scout Cookies, the sugar frenzy of the season. Even if you are not a Girl Scout, you have most likely seen cookies being sold on campus as of late January, or even bought some yourself.

Girl Scouts nationwide have been partaking in the cookie-selling tradition since it began in 1917, over 100 years ago. Money is raised for camp, trips or other Girl Scout experiences, and the process is meant to develop entrepreneurial business skills among Scouts. Local Scouts now order cookies prior to selling them so they are available right away to customers. Previously, Scouts were provided with “order cards” to fill with potential buyers before ordering cookies.

Annemarie ’18, who recently walked in the Rose Parade with her troop, detailed how she has reaped the benefits of this new sales model. For example, she is able to snag extra sales when water polo teammates are hungry after practices.

“When people see me walking around carrying a big box of cookies they’ll go, ‘oh, you’re a Girl Scout! Can I buy some too?’” Annemarie said. “Even though there are fewer Girl Scouts [than in elementary school], people still love their cookies… I see boxes everywhere on campus!”

As busy Marlborough students, both Izzi and Annemarie said they were forced to graduate from selling door-to-door, and take advantage of the customers within the Marlborough community.

According to Izzi, her efforts have resulted in many successful cookie sales to her peers at Marlborough. She said she has reached customers throughout all three grades of the Middle School, in addition to some faculty.

“7th graders, or people that I don’t usually talk to in my grade ask me for cookies… ninth graders come up to me for cookies too,” Izzi said. “I think I’m getting to meet more people through selling [cookies].”

Plus, Marlborough students’ trademark competitive edge can be seen even in cookie sales.

“We have fun trying to see who buys from who,” Annemarie said of herself and the two other Girl Scouts on her robotics team.

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