Students perform in annual Singer-Songwriter Showcase

Marlborough’s annual Singer-Songwriter Showcase featured original songs by students in various grades this Valentine’s Day. Surrounded by Valentine’s-themed lights and decorations, singers had the opportunity to perform original pieces for their fellow classmates.

Imogene ’20 wrote and performed two songs. She wrote the first song, “Clementine”, for her sister Clementine and the second song, “Take Back Saint Valentine”, specifically to perform at the showcase.

“I wanted to sing a song about Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want to write about something that wasn’t true, so I wrote a song about how I am happy with my life even though I don’t have a boyfriend,” Imogene said.

Matilda ’23 also performed an original song called “Start Over.” She enjoyed the showcase and thought it was a great opportunity to share the song she wrote with a large crowd.

“I don’t perform my songs in front of large groups so I was really nervous, [but] overall I really enjoyed the event and am really glad I did it,” Matilda said.

The other performers included Charlotte ’19, Tess ’21 and Olivia ’20. They are appreciative of everyone who came to the event and are excited to see where the event goes next.

“If I could change one thing, I would have loved for a longer period for the performance. With more time, other girls could perform more than one song. I always want to hear more music!” Imogene said.

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