Lauren reviews face masks

For those of you with dry, sensitive, acne prone skin, this post is for you. As someone who obsessively skin-cares for stress relief, I have gone through a fair share of bad and good products. I look primarily for brands that use clean, skin-safe ingredients, so I stay away from all sulfate, alcohol, and petroleum based products. These are my three ride-or-die face masks.


1. I’M From Honey Mask

For days where my skin needs a little extra TLC, I find myself reaching for the I’M From Honey Mask, only sold online. It boosts users hydration levels without clogging pores. The ingredients of this product are what I find the most compelling. The mask contains herbal honey from the Jiri Mountains in South Korea, a place known for its great natural remedies. This mask contains 38.7% of pure, potent honey. Honey is a natural antibiotic, toner, and moisturizer. It’s jam-packed with antioxidants that will promote skin-tightening collagen production in the skin. Another great ingredient is aloe vera, which will soothe irritated skin and minimize redness. To combat dead skin that may clog pores and create breakouts, the makers of this mask have also included beta-glucan, a yeast which dissolves dead skin. The mask is formulated without any fillers and water to make sure that the product has the most powerful effect it can on the skin.

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2. Tata Harper Purifying Mask

I struggle often with hormonal acne and stressrelated acne that tends to overstay its welcome. Most clay purifying masks burn my skin and leave it more blotchy than before, but the Tata Harper purifying mask evens the texture of my skin without any pain. Being the ingredient junky that I am, I noticed that aloe vera was listed as the first ingredient on the label, which explains its soothing qualities. The kaolin clay, listed as second on the ingredient list, helps break through residue and oil build up. While this product does contain forms of alcohol, specifically cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol, it does not dry or harm the skin because these alcohols are wax based and do not have any irritating qualities.


Lauren ’19 uses the Tata Harper Purifying Mask


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3. Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Sheet Mask

I wouldn’t be Korean if I didn’t mention at least one sheet mask. The Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Sheet Mask, only sold online, has to be the most restorative and nutrient dense sheet mask I’ve ever used. The “cloth” of the mask isn’t cloth but actual organic kelp. It is drenched in a fermented kelp and bamboo serum to deliver the skin with a powerful punch of deep hydration and antioxidants. These extracts and oils that make up the serum are completely organic which is an added bonus. The mask is so natural and packed with fresh ingredients that the masks have an expiration date. The expiration date can get rather annoying as I’ve had to throw out four or five of these masks out before I’ve used them. Like with any other sheet mask, this is hard to apply but the skin benefits are definitely worth it.

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