Ultra Violet announced as the color of 2018

Lily Liebes ’18 Staff Illustrator

Pantone has announced Ultra Violet as the Pantone Color of 2018. According to Pantone’s website, Ultra Violet “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”
Pantone is an organization that provides a standard “language” of color where they name and number specific colors for the ease of manufacturers and consumers. Every year, the Pantone Color Institute researches global trends to predict the colors that will be most beneficial to companies in the coming year. When choosing the color of the year, Pantone takes into account trends, psychology and the emotions of colors. Ultra Violet was chosen because it is imaginative and inventive and “lights the way to what is yet to come” according to the Pantone Color Institution.
There is an obvious connection between Marlborough and Ultra Violet, which leads us to wonder, ‘is this a sign?’ Pantone’s color of 2018 communicates an inspirational message for the upcoming year according to Head of School Dr. Priscilla Sands.
“For me, it represents the strength, courage, compassion, feminism and tenacity of Marlborough’s young women. Violet is emblematic of all that I love about the student body at Marlborough. It will continue to represent our deep and cherished tradition with the activism of forward thinking and acting women,” Sands said.
Annette Kim ’19 said she had been optimistic about the upcoming year because of Pantone’s choosing of Ultra Violet to represent 2018.
“Ultra Violet is a color that only a few living things can see, but in the context of Marlborough we all have this invisible quality that makes us Marlborough students, and I think that it’s inspiring for 2018. We’re going into the new year with optimism and strength with the color Ultra Violet,” Kim said.

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