Letter from the Editors

Dear Marlborough community,

After a “controversial” opinion article is printed in the UltraViolet, whether it be a student’s political stance or her desire to preserve a school social hierarchy, we, as senior editors, often face questions from around the school about whether the newspaper staff supports these opinions. The answer is, in short, that a single writer’s opinion is not reflective of the UltraViolet as a whole.

The UltraViolet has six sections: News, Arts, Features, Commentary, Sports and Opinion. News, Sports and Arts articles cover the Marlborough community as a whole, specifically stories within their respective areas, and are objective. These stories do not reflect the writer’s opinion on the subject matter, but instead simply report what happened and the community’s reactions.

In each issue, the Features section is devoted to a different subject, investigating and reporting the details and background of an event, person or trend. Additionally, there is significantly more research that goes into writing a feature, as the article explores multiple angles and perspectives, thereby bringing a bigger issue to light.

Commentary is a more personalized section of the paper, in which there are designated contributors and UV staff members who write columns in each paper on topics of their choosing. For instance, “View From the Top” is a column about senior life at Marlborough, and each year a student from the senior class is chosen to write it.

Lastly, the Opinion section of the paper is a platform for individual students to voice their own beliefs. Each article reflects only the writer’s own opinion and is not indicative of the UltraViolet’s opinion as a whole. Both the members of the UltraViolet staff as well as contributing writers, like teachers or students, are able to write opinions. Articles written by UV members have the by-line of “UV staff,” while articles written by other members of the Marlborough Community have the by-line “UV contributor.”

If you see an opinion article in the UltraViolet that you disagree with and want to write a response that voices your opinion, please feel free to email Lauren Yoon ’19 or Jena English about contributing an article to the Opinion section.


Senior Editors (Sora, Nina and Sophie)

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