November election results across the country

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While scrolling through your Instagram as Nov. 7 approached, many of you may have seen posts from various accounts urging their followers to vote. Although many citizens are not aware, plenty of important city and state elections took place on this date.

Locally, Compton voters decided not to increase the salaries of their mayor, Aja Brown, and their city council members. This vote is likely a result of reports released in 2015 which found that Brown and other Compton council members were illegally boosting their salaries by paying themselves extra for appearances at events such as town hall meetings.

Areas such as La Habra Heights, Hawthorne and Montebello voted to allocate more funds towards emergency response services, such as fire departments.

Elections also took place in states such as Virginia, Minnesota and New Jersey, in which candidates of minority backgrounds were elected.

Danica Roem was elected in Virginia as the first openly transgender candidate to serve in the House of Delegates. She defeated Republican Bob Marshall, who advocated for transphobic bills, including one that would force transgender people to use bathrooms that matched their sex, and not their gender they identify with.

Additionally, Kathy Tran, a refugee from Vietnam, was elected to serve in the House of Delegates as the first female Asian-American.

In Minnesota, Melvin Carter was elected as the first African-American mayor of St. Paul, the state’s capital. Carter won with just over fifty percent of the vote. Andrea Jenkins was also elected to the Minneapolis City Council, making her America’s first transgender woman of color elected to public office.

New Jersey voters chose Ravinder Balla as Hoboken’s first Sikh Mayor, as well as Sheila Oliver as New Jersey’s first female African-American lieutenant governor.

In a majority conservative government in which 54% of the senate is Republican, according to CNN, these results may be hinting at success for the democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. Only time will tell.

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