Moving Meals events to feature open mic and karaoke

Students perform in front of Cafe M at the Moving Meals event. Photo courtesy of Pamela Wright.

While music and community service may not have much in common at Marlborough, the two have been combined to create the Moving Meals events.

Modeled off of the original PB&J lunches created by Community Outreach Program Head Pamela Wright, during which students made sandwiches for Covenant House, Wright aimed at making the PB&J lunches a cross-grade bonding event at Marlborough.

Last year, Alden ’17 sang at one of the events, and Wright noticed that once people sang along, the entire ambiance of the event changed.

For the first Moving Meals event on Nov. 2, Wright coordinated with Choral Director Angela Lin to have chamber choir sing along with several seventh and eighth graders while students made sandwiches.

The Moving Meals event was the perfect opportunity for chamber choir to practice performing in front of an audience, while also having a greater presence at Marlborough.

“Overall there was a lot of good energy and spirit going around that day” Angela Lin said. Students were working on peanut butter sandwiches while enjoying the multiple performances. Chamber choir performed an acapella song while seventh and eighth graders sang to karaoke tracks.

“Moving Meals was a great opportunity to give chamber choir a larger presence on campus other than the events that we usually host, such as the Lunchtime Concert as well as the Winter and Spring Choral Concerts. As always, it feels great to perform, whether it be for informal or formal events” Alexis ’19 said.

Due to the positive feedback from the first Moving Meals event, Moving Meals lunches will be happening the first Thursday of every month and will combine both cross-grade bonding and community service.

“Moving Meals will be an intersection of an open mic community feel and looking out for people beyond our community,” Wright said.

Moving Meals also aims to make students more aware of where the sandwiches go after they are done making them.

“Some girls were making sandwiches without knowing where they were going, or why we were doing it,” Wright said. “So I was looking for ways to educate our community around why we do this and why it is so important.”

Covenant House, provides services for transitional-aged homeless youth between the ages of 16 and 24.

After the students are done making the lunches, they bag them and take them to Covenant House, which is less than two miles from Marlborough.

The sandwiches made at the Moving Meals events have had a meaningful effect on the homeless youth community around Los Angeles.

“It seems really simple that it’s just a sandwich, but really it’s that first step to build that trust to help get kids off the streets,” Wright said.

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