Astronomy class sleeps under the stars

The astronomy class gathers on the balcony during their sleepover.

The Astronomy class gathered for a sleepover in the Senior Lounge on Friday, Nov. 10.

The sleepover was supervised by science and astronomy instructor Judy Mirick and science instructor Lee Hamill.

The class looked at constellations, satellites and the moon through telescopes on the balcony near the Senior Lounge.

In addition to looking at the sky, the class played board games, watched movies and ate pizza.

Jessie ՚19 who attended the sleepover explained that she could see great detail of the individual craters on the moon through the telescope and took photos with her phone capturing the moon’s detail.

“We looked through a very nice telescope and you could see the individual craters. Then the clouds started to cover over and you could see the individual wisps of the clouds coming over the moon; it was beautiful,” Jessie ’19 said.

Dr. Mirick explained that the evening provided an opportunity for the students to look at the night’s sky in a new way.

“Some people had never looked through a telescope before; so, it gives them an opportunity to see the moon up close, in real time. And, the moon is absolutely beautiful at night through a telescope,” Mirick said.

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