Who’s new on campus: staff edition

There are many new additions to the Marlborough Community this year. Here are several introductions to the new staff that have arrived this year.  

New Accountant Daxa Shah. Staff Photographer Noor ’20.

Daxa Shah is the new staff accountant at Marlborough. As a staff accountant she handles accounts receivable, meaning she will deposit and reconcile any cash/checks or other forms of payment that come to the school such as tuition, donations, or club sales.

Shah was raised in Skokie, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois in Chicago. She first became interested in accounting because she loved math and her brother was a CPA. Before Marlborough, Shah worked at Blue Cross of California as a Senior Accountant, O’Melveny & Myers as a Retirement Trust Accountant, and various other project-based accounting jobs.

Shah chose Marlborough for several reasons. She saw how well Marlborough shaped her daughter, Anisha Shah ’16 who now attends Washington University in St. Louis. As a parent, she loved the school, the teachers and the variety of extracurriculars. She loves having the familiarity with the community, the friendly environment and the nurturing community that also strives towards creating independent strong women.

“It is a very nurturing yet also a culture where they are trying to get the girls to be independent woman and I see that with my daughter. She started off very shy and through the process of six years she’s become a very independent woman,” Shah said.

During the weekend, Shah likes to spend time with her husband and talk with her daughter. To relax, she enjoys watching Game of Thrones.


Devin Gregory, the new technical director. Staff photographer Noor ’20.

Devin Gregory is Marlborough’s new technical director. As technical director, he is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all the technical aspects of theatre productions. Gregory makes sure that the set designers have everything they need and that work stays on schedule.

“I am the step between the director and the designers,” Gregory said.

He oversees all the lighting, scenic and audio equipment in the theater and is known as Marlborough’s resident lighting designer and carpenter.

Gregory was raised on a ranch in Central California but moved to Long Beach after receiving his degree from Fresno State. Before working at Marlborough he worked in many professional theaters, at several schools and as an imagineer for Disney.

Gregory’s favorite thing about Marlborough is the Honor Code and Cafe M. Gregory’s first impression of Marlborough was that the school was very clean and modern, and he chose Marlborough mainly because he wanted to stay in California. On the weekends he enjoys watching the Marvel shows on Netflix.


Stephan Hodel, the new assistant facilities manager. Staff photographer Noor ’20.

Stephan Hodel is Marlborough’s new assistant facilities manager. He works with a team that is in charge of making sure that the school is well-kept, is in compliance with regulations, coordinating and setting up events, equipment such as lights are functioning properly and attending to any emergencies that are facility-related.

Hodel moved here eight years ago from the Philippines. He originally came to visit his cousin on the East Coast but then decided to move here since his father was American and he could enter the country as a minor if he came before turning 21. Before moving to the United States in 2009, he was completing his college internship at Nestle in the Philippines. They offered him a position as a management trainee, but he surprised many by turning it down. Hodel now says that deciding to move to the United States was the best decision he has ever made even though it did not initially seem that way because it was during the Great Recession when the housing market hit rock bottom.

Before working at Marlborough he was facilities assistant for eight years at PACE Early Childhood Education, a federally funded program that aims to serve underprivileged communities.

Hodel’s first impression of Marlborough was that it was a nice campus with nice people that are happy to be here.

“The girls are very responsible and studious and they know why they’re here and what they’re supposed to do,” Hodel said.

He chose Marlborough because it was a place he had always wanted to work. To relax, he appreciates many views in Los Angeles such as, the Hollywood sign and Griffith Park. Over the weekend he likes to explore places in LA that he recognized from movies and see friends and family.


Amanda DeLay, the new human resources manager. Staff photographer Noor ’20.

Amanda Delay is Marlborough’s human resources manager. As a human resources manager her responsibility is to protect the company and its employees by putting in place procedures and policies that make sure people are paid and employees are heard. She does have the not so fun job of having to fire people. However, she also has the fortunate job of,

“growing employees, career development and helping people see their path and growth once they start,” DeLay said.

Delay is from Inglewood, California. She went to Notre Dame Academy so she is familiar with the all-girls environment. She attended Cal State Long Beach for college. After college, she began working for an advertising company and stayed with them for ten years as the associate director of human resources.

She chose Marlborough because she was looking for a lifestyle change. She knew about Marlborough since high school and as a mom of two girls, she wanted to work for a place that promoted women and helped women be future leaders of the world. Her favorite thing about Marlborough is the campus and everything that Marlborough has to offer such as the motivating environment and the supportive community. On the weekends when she is not at a birthday party, she likes to cook and see family. To relax, she focuses on cooking a good meal, putting her heart and soul into cooking the meal, relaxing at the beach or the park and connecting with nature.

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