Marlborough community participates in fantasy football league

You don’t have to put on a helmet and pads to be able to participate in one of America’s most cherished sports. Marlborough’s Fantasy Football club allows teachers and students to bond over their favorite players. Mathematics Instructor Deepender Singh organized the club with History & Social Sciences Instructor Thomas Millar, after alumna Natalie Swartz ’16 came up with the idea five years ago.

So how exactly does fantasy football work? Each member of the club makes his or her team with players from the National Football League. Every week, the members play against another club member or teacher based on the NFL game happening during that week.

Singh said that the club is a great way to become more competitive and friendlier with fellow classmates and teachers.

“It is a common talking point when students or teachers see each other in the hallways,” Singh said. “It is a really cool way to get to know these different people in the league as friends, but also get to know them as competitors.”

Club Leader Mia ’18 agrees with the community-building element.

“It’s a good way to stay in touch with people and teachers I don’t see every day now.”

The best part? Mia will bake the winner anything he or she wants.

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