Trending with Tara: reflecting on summer 2017

And that’s a wrap. Summer ’17 has come to a close and my heart is broken. The trends of this summer made it all the more exciting, and many of the things that everyone was doing for the last three months were broadcasted all over social media, television and magazines. Here are some of the trends of the summer that nobody could ignore.

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The first trend of this summer that I, as well as Vogue, Man Repeller, The Cut, and a ton of other fashion magazines and blogs noticed is a new color taking over the streets… YELLOW! Scrolling through Instagram six months ago, all I saw was pink. Pink walls, pink sunglasses, pink pillows, pink everything. Don’t get me wrong – I love pink and how it reminds me of Sharpay Evans and her fabulous life. But something about yellow makes me happy.

Adding yellow into my usually monochromatic outfits makes me feel like the poster child of summer. Style icons were definitely feeling yellow, and I hate to break it to you, but Beyonce slayed the trend more than a year before everyone else did by wearing her iconic yellow dress in her “Hold Up” music video. I would love to see yellow continue to be a trendy color to wear, especially now that it evokes summer memories near and dear to my heart.

The next trend that took over this summer was matcha: matcha drinks, matcha ice cream, frozen yogurt and matcha snacks. I remember many people finding green tea “gross” just a year ago, but now it seems to have caught the attention of food-obsessed individuals.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user dungthuyvunguyen

Although I never actually got to try it, Cha Cha Matcha in New York City is a constantly instagrammed and snapchatted place that definitely shines as a 2017 summer trend. In LA, Alfred’s Tea House and Urth Caffé both serve matcha flavored boba drinks that continue to be in the spotlight, though both places were popular for a long time. Matcha Box, another very aesthetically pleasing location, is LA’s first Matcha tea bar, where you can find matcha tea, matcha mocktails and even matcha treats.

Slides were a huge trend this summer. People seemed to be wearing them 24/7; I almost felt like they took the place of every other type of shoe. Heels were out for celebrities this summer, at least in casual circumstances (I’m sure Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and so many others’ feet were thankful). Katy Perry was even caught wearing hot pink Adidas slides to a red carpet event.

Whether open or closed toed, I saw so many people rocking slides this summer. I absolutely love slides – they are simple, yet fashionable. I think pairing slides with an oversized tee or sweatshirt, along with some jewelry, is an easy look, and you appear to be put-together in both casual or formal circumstances. Although in a lot of places the fall and winter weather may not be suitable for slides, I know our consistently warm California weather will continue to welcome them with open arms.

Of course, there were countless other trends of the summer: charcoal ice cream, army pants, see-through tops, complex avocado toasts, gingham, bucket bags and so on. Yellow, matcha and slides were just three of my absolute favorites from this summer.

Although the sunny, carefree days of summer may be behind us, new trends are ahead, so keep a lookout for interesting things that pop up, and I will too. Also, I encourage you not only to follow trends, but to try to create your own ones, no matter how different they may be!

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