The Class of 2019 has a new dean

11th grade dean Jenna Corliss. Staff Photographer Amanda ’19

History & Social Sciences Instructor Jenna Corliss replaced History and Social Sciences Instructor Tom Millar as the new 11th Grade Level Dean this year.

Corliss came to Marlborough in 2016 to teach AP U.S. History and Honors American Studies. After connecting with the sophomores she taught, she was given the opportunity to stay with them as their class dean.

Because she bonded with her students last year, Corliss said she feels excited to work with the class for another year.

“A big draw of the position was knowing so many of the current 11th graders because I had them all last year. I’m still learning a lot but I felt like knowing the group of students will make the job manageable for me,” Corliss said.

Many students feel the same way about Corliss, including Madison ’19, a former student in Corliss’ AP U.S. History class.

“[Corliss] is such a great teacher and I’m so excited that she will continue to be a presence in our class,” she said.

Corliss is aware of the stress that accompanies junior year. She plans to work with the Class of 2019’s student council to make it fun and find time for students to relax, especially by making use of the new junior class’ privileges (like the Collins Room and off-campus lunches).  

“Our job is to make sure that junior year stays at least a little bit fun, because it can be really intense. Marlborough students really challenge themselves and take the college application process very seriously, but I think it would be too bad if it was all misery and suffering,” she said.

Though she is new to the job of being a dean, Corliss said she is adjusting well and is looking forward to the year.

“You have to switch hats and change gears a lot, but I think I’ll get the hang of it. It’s only week two, but so far so good. With semiformal and ring ceremony, there are a lot things to look forward to,” she said.


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