Ponzio welcomed as Head of Honors Research in Science Program

Allison Ponzio has taken on the role of head of the Honors Research in Science Program.

Allison Ponzio is the new head of the Honors Research in Science Program. Ponzio taught at USC and was an Honors Research mentor prior to coming to Marlborough.

In Honors Research in Science, students are paired with a mentor and get to research a question or topic in a lab alongside him or her. As the head of the Science Research Program, Ponzio pairs students interested in expanding their scientific studies with mentors in labs in the spring. For students already paired with a mentor, she meets with them weekly to track their individual progress.

While she was getting her Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, Ponzio worked with three Marlborough alumnae on their research projects. Ponzio said she loved working with them, so when she heard about the job opening, she applied immediately.

So far, Ponzio says she has been enjoying her time at Marlborough and has felt very welcomed by everyone. Since she has worked with Marlborough students before, she knew what to expect when coming into the school community.

“Every new job has its own culture shock, but I felt pretty comfortable with the Marlborough culture because I’ve kind of been around it for a really long time,” Ponzio said. “The culture here is very homey, welcoming, busy [and] exciting. It has been a really nice welcome and I’m finding it is a fun place to work.”

Ponzio hopes the program as a whole can become a part of the broader STEM atmosphere that is brewing at Marlborough and hopes to better integrate the research program with the SPARK and Entrepreneurship programs, including Robotics and coding.

“I just want everyone to have a good experience. It might not be a perfect experience, and the research itself might not pan out, but just the fact that these girls show up every day, grit through any problems, and come out the other side stronger is more than enough for me,” Ponzio said.

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