Varsity lacrosse does not reLAX on the quest for success

Marlborough’s Varsity Lacrosse Team made it to the playoffs and finished third in Division II this year, bringing an end to the team’s most successful season ever. Under team captain Julia ’17 and coaches Meghan Toomey and Maddy Morrissey, the Varsity team finished with 16 wins and five losses, and with a winning streak of ten games.

Julia attributed this season’s success to the experience of the team and the time and effort the members spent practicing both in school and out of school this year. According to senior player Katherine ’17, most of the team spent the summer playing on Fire, a club team started by the Marlborough lacrosse coaches.

“Lots of the people on the team this year played club together over the summer, [which] really strengthened our team,” Julia said.

According to Julia, the team had not met for J period in former years, or had only met occasionally, so the structured J period this year helped the team improve their skills as a team.

Julia also said that one of the team’s biggest successes was their victory against Westridge School after a close game last year.

“Last year when we played against [Westridge] they ended up winning. This year we won by a lot more than they did last year, so it was really nice to come out and beat them,” Julia said.

Katie said that although she and the other seniors will be leaving, they will miss the lacrosse team.

“My favorite thing has been seeing how much everyone improved, because it was so nice to play with a team where you can trust all the players and know that whoever you decide to pass to, they’re a valuable part of the team,” Katie said.

According to team member Aubrey ’19, the seniors comprised half the team, but the team hopes to have another successful season next year.

“Hopefully, we’ll make playoffs again. Unfortunately, we’re losing a lot of seniors, but that won’t stop us from succeeding. We had a lot of freshmen this year on JV and they have all been practicing their skills, so hopefully we’ll get them into shape,” Aubrey said.

Aubrey was also accepted to play on the National Team for lacrosse and will be helping to represent California in the Women’s National Tournament later in May.

“I was really excited when I made the team because it’s a really good opportunity and I’ve worked really hard in lacrosse and have given up a lot of things, so it was really rewarding,” Aubrey said.

Aubrey ’19 looks for an open teammate to pass to.