Parker ’20 wins sports honors


Parker ’20 Team Captain. Photo by Staff Photographer Allie ’19

Parker ’20 recently won the Sunshine League Sports Honors award which is presented to the Most Valuable Player of the team. Basketball coach Chris Rogers presented her with the plaque. The first freshman ever to win this award, Parker helped Marlborough’s Varsity Basketball Team qualify for CIFs and state championships for the first time ever, and she was instrumental in helping the team advance to the quarter finals.

Every year, all of the coaches from each school in the Sunshine league come together to decide the player who outplayed her opponent or contributed the most to the winnings of her team.

Parker expressed her excitement at earning the award.

“I feel excited because coming in as a freshman, I was trying to get used to playing high school basketball and being able to adapt to the situation as fast as I did, and I was awarded with such honor. It felt like all my hard work paid off,” Parker said.

Parker said she has loved playing basketball since she started playing at three years old. In addition to playing for Marlborough, She plays with the West Coast Premiere club team.

Parker explained that her parents and coaches were the main source of motivation behind her success.

“My parents do their best to put me in situations that are the best for me, and my coaches push me to be the best and to go as hard as I can every game,” Parker said.

Emma ’17, a teammate of Parker, expressed her pride in calling Parker a part of her team.

“Parker is an amazing player and an even better teammate! She was the motivation that everyone needed on the court and I couldn’t be more proud of her!” Emma said