Juliana ’18 selected for Junior Chamber Music Program Honors Tour

Photo courtesy of Juliana ’18

Juliana ’18 will travel to Vienna, Budapest and Prague for the Southern California Junior Chamber Music (JCM) Program 2018 Honors Tour. A piano player since she was ten years old, Juliana will perform and practice in remote locations throughout Europe.

Juliana and two violinists she plays with were chosen by JCM in recognition of a strong performance they gave at the Colburn School of Music last March. They will be one of 12 groups participating alongside other young Southern Californian musicians in Europe. She said she has been with JCM for six years and was surprised to be selected for the Honors Tour.

“In the past, I remember being really amazed by the performers in the groups that were selected for the Honors Tour. So, being chosen as one of those groups was such an honor and incredibly humbling,” Juliana said.

JCM, a program based in Southern California, auditions, trains and organizes performances for musicians between the ages of eight and twenty. Every other year ten to twelve chamber groups are designated as “honors groups” based on their performances, and are qualified to go on tour internationally over the summer. Not only will Juliana take master classes with and be critiqued by international music instructors, but she will take part in public concerts throughout the tour.

Juliana said she is looking forward to spending time with the other students in her group, with whom she has built strong relationships during rehearsals.

“I’m really excited about it, and I think being able to go with some of my good friends makes it a lot of fun as well,” Juliana said.

Juliana will also be playing piano in the InterHarmony International Music Festival, an opportunity she gained from her piano teacher, who has taught her since she was six years old. The festival will take place in Acqui Terme, a town in northern Italy, and features roughly 250 musicians from 20 different countries. The six-week program involves studying with renowned soloist and chamber faculty, excursions to other cities, and numerous public concerts.

“It’s a really old town, so we’re going to be playing in thousand-year-old cathedrals,” Juliana said.

The program resembles that of a camp, grouping the young musicians together throughout the festival.

“I’m a little nervous because I don’t know anybody, and it’s dorm-style, so it’s going to be like a taste of college,” Juliana said.

Juliana said she has never participated in an international program before and is excited for what the coming summers will bring. She also said she hopes to continue her music through college.

“When I’m looking for colleges, I’m going to look for ones that have a really good music program and will also provide a lot of opportunities as well. I don’t want to give it up,” Juliana said.