Janie ’19 takes home the gold


Janie ’19 won the Third Annual Ramada Spring Junior Open Tournament on Apr.17. Janie, who traveled to Claremont for the tennis tournament, was one of 27 girls who competed in the Girls’ 16 Singles category.

Janie said she was thrilled to take home the title, especially after attending the 2016 tournament, where she set a personal goal to win first place.

“I remember saying to Mom, ‘I need to win. I want this trophy.’ I never thought it was possible, but this year, I came up, came back and won. I was so happy,” Janie said.

At the tournament, Janie ended up winning matches against higher ranked players. After winning the tournament, she will take her own new, higher ranking into future tournaments. She said she hopes the win will help her get recruited to play for a Division I college.

Getting recruited to Division I colleges is something Janie is striving towards. She has decided to attend Advantage Tennis Academy, because she knows that in order to play Division I tennis in college, she has to play every day at a competitive level.

“This tennis academy could really help me get to that level. It also sounds like an amazing opportunity, especially because playing tennis is what I love to do,” Janie said.