November 11, 2016

Foreign Exchange programs cancelled

While the biennial French foreign exchange program does not run until next year, the Argentinian exchange program will run as it has for the past four years. In previous years, too few Marlborough students have been willing to travel to China for foreign exchange, so Marlborough will continue to only host Chinese students.

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Unloading the gun

Gun control is currently being heavily debated because of the recent presidential election. The democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is pro gun control and the republican…

Marlbots connect the 9 Dots

Marlborough’s Robotics’ Community Outreach leader, Amanda ’18, and Community Outreach Program Head Pamela Wright have created a robotics community outreach program with the 9 Dots…


The following comes from the Understanding: “The School feels strongly that self-discipline is more valuable than imposed discipline and expects good conduct and behavior from…