November 2016

Sylvia ’19 invents water filter straw

Sylvia Garrett ’19 received a patent for a water purification device she designed the summer after 8th Grade. She invented a straw that uses an extensive filtration system, including an iodine treatment sieve and an ultraviolet light, to kill all of the microorganisms and bacteria living in contaminated water.

A work life balancing act

Education Council created the Work Life Balance Committee, a new group that aims to analyze and reduce Marlborough students’ stress and increase the quality of students’ sleep.

Violets’ Giving Circle plans fashion show

The Violets’ Giving Circle (VGC) this fall introduced a new advisor to the committee, Amanda Lovrien ’95, and established a new Associate Board consisting of six juniors to increase the organization of old archives.

Social (in)justice

Alexa ’17, Isabella ’17 and Jade ’17 joined together to create a website called Politically (In)Correct that focuses on promoting social justice by keeping teenagers informed about the injustices faced by minority groups. Inspired to create the website last year, the students hope to go live this month.

UC Schools accept more Californians

Last year, the Regents of the University of California committed to accepting 5000 additional applications from California residents and plan to increase that number to as many as 10,000 applicants over the next two years.

#HumansOfMarlborough: a spotlight on students

“There are so many people on campus with a variety of interests and talents, and many people accomplish really interesting things or are working on a special project that we might not even know about, so it’s another way to highlight the amazing members of our community,” Rosi said.