December 2014

Television Industry Manipulates Trust in Relationships

When discussing the fundamental differences between boys and girls, relationships between the two rarely come up. Because of this lack of discussion, coupled with modernity’s constraints on what society does or does not find acceptable, the definition of trust between genders can remain an amorphous and elusive concept that is hard to pinpoint.

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Jenna’s “Secret Buys”

We all know that going to the supermarket is one of the most boring, dreaded tasks. However, recently I have found that there are so many more fun things to buy than expected. Don’t worry, there is hope!

Who Needs a Gym?

Living in Los Angeles, a city many consider a place full of workout and health-obsessed people, the opportunities to exercise are endless. With the accommodating landscape of beaches, metropolis and mountains, and, of course, the perfect weather, you can’t go wrong.

Spice up Your Spaghetti

It’s that time again: I, a hapless 17-year-old, must figure out how to feed both myself and my baby brother (a lowly 15-year-old) for the night. I won’t lie and pretend to be proficient in the culinary arts; I can scramble an egg and boil water like the best of them, but when it comes to julienning or straining, I find myself in hot water.

Alyx ’15 Rides to Western Victory

On Oct. 4, Alyx ’15 won 16th place in the Youth Horsemanship event at the AQHA World Championship Show and is now ranked 16th in the country for this event of western horseback riding.

Volleyball Blackout Pep Rally Proves Successful

As the Marymount High School Sailors walked into Combs Gymnasium on Oct. 16, they were met by a spirited sea of purple and black and large posters bearing players’ names, all part of a pep rally for Marlborough’s volleyball match against its biggest rival.