November 13, 2010

X-Country finishes strong

The Junior Varsity Cross Country team won a league meet for the first time in Marlborough history on Thursday, Oct. 28. JV and Varsity Cross Country achieved third place and first place respectively in the Sunshine League Finals.

CYC responds to graphic

In the October issue of The UltraViolet, an infographic compared the California Yacht Club (CYC) crew team and the Marina Aquatic Center (MAC) crew team. As much as I think there was some truth to the article, I am here to give you a real insider’s look at rowing and the fabulous team that is CYC.

Early Decision a risk if in financial need

Students consider different factors when choosing colleges, but a student’s family’s ability to pay for college shouldn’t have more prominence than how the college fits the student’s academic needs.

Consolidate suggestions to online forum

A silver-painted shoebox labeled “suggestion box” sits on a bookshelf in the corner of C209. At the beginning of the year, All- School Council created the box after hearing complaints from students that their needs weren’t being addressed, but for now the box simply sits, gathering dust.