April 12, 2009

Emily Wins Photojournalism Contest

Emily ’10, winner of this issue’s photojournalism contest took a picture of Charlie, the youngest climber on the US team and brother of Emily, climbs the semifinals route at the Junior World Championship for Sports Climbing in Sydney, Australia, August 2008.

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Best-Selling Author Tells Story Behind Novel About Anorexia

For someone who hated “The Scarlet Letter” in both high school and college and has an issue with creative writing professors, Julie Halse Anderson, best-selling author of “Speak”and her newly released book “Wintergirls,” continues her writing career with another fiction masterpiece.

Varsity Swimmer Profile: Erica

Erica normally swims six days a week with the team, in addition to a few club practices after as well. She has already broken a couple of relay records and hopes to break some individual records as well.


Senior-seventh grade bonding is not too bad. Moans of agony echo throughout the living room. Bodies cower on the gargantuan beanbag and cushioned chairs, and as the door swings open, seniors grimace and wince like they’re vampires seeing daylight. “Seven-twelve buddy activities! Come onto the field!” We succumb.