Softball overcomes adversity and finds success

Marlborough Varsity Softball is wrapping up their first season under new coach Victoria Nimmo. Hired for her energy and experience as a coach and former collegiate player, Nimmo has motivated the team to victories with her enthusiastic mentoring that has inspired the players to be passionate and dedicated.

Post-Collegiate Service for Marlborough Alumnae

After graduating from college, many young adults choose to enter the workforce and pursue a traditional job. However, organizations like the Peace Corps and Teach for America offer an alternative route for college graduates to step outside of their comfort zones and confront challenging life experiences. Both organizations have unique goals for their participants, but with both organization the volunteers have an impact on the communities where they serve.

Janie ’19 takes home the gold

Janie ’19 won the Third Annual Ramada Spring Junior Open Tournament on Apr.17. Janie, who travelled to Claremont for the tennis tournament, was one of 27 girls who competed in the Girls’ 16 Singles category.

Letter from the Ex-Editor

Above all, the duty of a school newspaper like The UltraViolet is to be a voice for students and the rest of the community. But what troubles me is that when the paper chooses to publish an opinion that a large percentage of the student population disagrees with, it is the paper that is blamed and at fault for trying to include multiple opinions on an issue.